Donate to our Collection

Our mandate is to collectpreserveresearch, interpret, and exhibit artifacts, art, and archival records that reflect and document the diverse history, people, and landscapes of the County of Wellington. 

If you have something of interest that is connected to the people, places or organizations of Wellington County, please contact us to discuss a possible donation. Donated material must be: 

  • Unique (not something we currently have) 
  • In good condition 
  • Within the scope of our resources to safely store, preserve, and provide access to long-term

All donations are carefully documented and catalogued so that a permanent record is kept detailing the history of each donation. Donors are asked to sign gift forms releasing ownership. Items that are accepted into the collection are appraised by an independent appraiser at the end of each calendar year. The donor can receive an income tax receipt for the appraised value of the items donated.

If you have items to donate, we'd love to hear from you! 

For artifact donations (e.g. clothing, tools, household items, etc.) please contact the Curator
For archival records (e.g. maps, photographs, correspondence, business records, etc.) please contact the Archivist.

An archivist wearing blue latex gloves holds up a framed black and white portrait in an ornate frame